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[Video] Ashlee & Katie’s Intimate Seattle Wedding

Ashlee and Katie met at a mutual friend’s housewarming party in January 2010. They hit it off instantly. Katie had gotten braces two weeks prior and her first words to Ashlee were “I have braces!”— Katie admits it wasn’t the smoothest pickup line, but it certainly made Ashlee laugh. Despite the attraction they both felt from day one, it took about another 6 months of getting to know each other before they officially started dating. Starting with a foundation of a strong friendship has been a stronghold of their relationship.

The Proposal and The Rings

Neither Ashlee, nor Katie proposed. They sat on a beach in Maui, talking about their relationship, and started talking about getting married. They launched right into planning, which included designing their own engagement rings. They both wanted a traditional ring, but wanted them to be very meaningful. When Ashlee’s Gram passed away, she left her wedding ring to Ashlee. To honor her and the important role she played in Ashlee’s life, they wanted to have the diamonds from her ring incorporated into theirs. The jeweler completed their rings early, and Katie rushed over to pick them up before Ashlee found out. Katie picked up Thai food for dinner on her way home from her personal training session, and Ashlee returned home from hrs. In their workout clothes, in their kitchen, Katie surprised Ashlee with the rings.

The Planning Process

The brides took part in a whirlwind planning experience that coincided with a job relocation and move from Portland to Seattle. They planned to have an intimate ceremony in Seattle for their closest friends and family, and a huge reception in Portland a few days later for 200!

Katie and Ashlee knew they wanted a wedding authentic to who they are – serious foodies who needed just the right food, desserts, and cocktail for one. Their wedding was an intimate dinner party and ceremony for 12 at one of their favorite Seattle restaurants, the Corson Building. When planning overwhelmed them, their officiant, AnneMarie Juhlian, pulled them back down to earth and reminded them why they were doing all the hard work. They not only wanted to stand in front of their families and commit their lives to each other, but also to continue to pave a path for marriage equality. For many of their friends and family, this was their first gay wedding. It was important to the brides to recognize their love and support of the marriage.

Advice for Other Engaged Couples

Asked for advice for other engaged couples, Ashlee recommended, “enjoying the ride together.” She added, “Often times, one person dominates the planning and decision making, we were really glad we made it a joint venture. When times got really stressful, we would take breaks from wedding planning and get out of the city for a bit or go to a concert, anything that would clear our heads and re-center us.” Katie added, “We also laughed a lot – especially at ourselves, since we were clueless about this process most of the time. I mean, do we really need to schedule a practice spray tanning session to see if it works?”

Both agreed that couples should invest in a great photographer and videographer. They were so glad that they included Moving Pictures in their wedding day, with their wedding in Seattle and reception in Portland.  Their video allowed their friends and family in Portland to feel part of the ceremony.


Videography: Moving Pictures Weddings // Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Corson Building // Engagement Rings: ABC Jewelers // Officiant: AnneMarie Juhlian //

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