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Wendy & Carrie

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November 13, 2010


We are pleased to launch our new Real Wedding series with the help of Carrie Tedrick and Wendy Rae Hill, two brides from Sacramento, California who poured hours of thought and care into every last detail of their wedding planning. The newlyweds were kind enough to spend some time considering our questions about the most meaningful moments and symbols of their Big Day, and we are so proud to feature them and their gorgeous wedding (images courtesy True Love Photo). View our video!


True Love Photo

Wendy & Carrie’s favorite wedding photo

What is your most favorite photo from the wedding? Why is this your favorite?

We LOVE this picture (see above) and have it hanging in canvas form in our home! It captures the glamour and romance that both of us felt that day with the amazing sunset that we dreamed of from the balcony of The Citizen Hotel for more than a year! We also love the modern artist urban feel, which was the theme we were going for.

You clearly put a lot of thought into the symbols used on your wedding day (the shoes, the color scheme, the stationery products, etc.). Can you tell us about the most meaningful symbols incorporated into the ceremony and/or reception?

red chucksred ruby wedding pair

The shoes were all Carrie and Wendy! Carrie is a “Chuck” collector! She has almost every color ever made and stores them in their boxes in our closet. It only made sense that she would have a pair of red glitter Chucks under her wedding gown! Wendy has been infatuated with the Wizard of Oz since she was a child, so her only option was for ruby red slippers!

bouquet by True Love PhotoWe went for dark red and black as our wedding colors, mostly because they are our favorite colors, and Wendy really wanted black calla lilies and red gerbera daisies in our bouquets! Also, red and black fit in perfectly with the décor at the venue to give us the modern chic urban feel we were going for.

Music and lighting were also a big part of our wedding. Our wedding was a table side ceremony, so we used lighting and music to transform the room from ceremony to dinner to romance to party! Each song before, during and after the ceremony was hand chosen as part of our wedding soundtrack, many of the songs having special significance to us during our courtship.

The ceremony in itself was a huge symbol as California does not legally recognize our marriage at this time. We wrote the entire ceremony and our vows with the perfect mixture of emotion, activism and tradition. We wanted to honor each other as well as the diverse groups of family and friends in attendance.

What was your most favorite/special response a wedding guest shared with you about being a part of your Big Day?

Wedding Jump by True Love Photo

One of our friends told us that the ceremony was so perfect that if someone attended the wedding and didn’t know us, they would certainly know why we were so in love and meant for each other by how we created the evening. So many people told us it was the BEST wedding they had EVER been to. This was what we were going for, we wanted everyone to really, really enjoy themselves and to be transformed, even if only for a night.

Any special shout outs to the friends, family or vendors who supported you in your planning?

Chocolate MousseOur team of vendors really rocked!! Our wedding planner Lora Ward, of A Day to Remember kept both of us in perfect sync. She was so amazing that she really, truly made it so we enjoyed planning our wedding. Our photographer, Beth Baugher of True Love is the photo artist extraordinaire. We are so in love with our photos! Our DJ/MC Matt Brys of Extreme Productions became one of the family! Matt really got to know us before our big day and put together the most amazing soundtrack to our evening! Our desserts! OMG, our desserts! We decided not to go with a traditional wedding cake, no one eats much anyway, and instead do a dessert buffet. Carissa Jones, of Sugar and Spice Specialty Desserts created a delicious tapestry of amazing treats, all based on our favorite tastes, that were the talk of the town!

What’s your best piece of advice to couples who are planning their weddings for 2011?

Make it your own! Soon after Carrie proposed to Wendy, and more than a year before the actual wedding, Carrie asked Wendy to write the 5 things she most loved about weddings and the five things she most disliked about weddings. Carrie did the same. We used these 20 tidbits to plan our whole wedding and it worked perfectly!

Carrie on her wedding dayThe wedding was absolutely wonderful and we wouldn’t change a thing. It was all us in every way and every person is attendance walked away so proud to have shared in our special day. However, we couldn’t have done it without our amazing wedding planner and team of vendors. Our second piece of advice it to hire a planner and choose your vendors carefully!

Any special plans for you as you consider how you might celebrate your first wedding

anniversary in November?

Wedding ViewAs the Moms of two little girls, we will be spending our actual first anniversary with the kidlettes. However, we are hoping for a second mini-moon, close by, possibly on Oregon or Washington (Carrie has never been!) Sometime this spring, we are going to celebrate our six month with another night in the Governor’s Suite at The Citizen without all the wedding/honeymoon whirlwind! It will certainly include a re-creation of Carissa’s amazing


Anything else you’d like to add?

One of our favorite parts of the evening was keeping our guests on their toes! No one knew what to suspect. We did all our photos before the ceremony as not to take away from spending time with our guests. When our guests arrived, they were greeted with a pre-ceremony cocktail social to take the edge off, giving everyone time for a couple of beverages, some appetizers and lots of mingling before heading upstairs for the evening.

One of the coolest parts of the evening was when we changed out of our wedding dresses and put on cocktail dresses and surprised everyone at the pre-ceremony social. Before ascending up the stairs to the social, our planner had us stand in the lower lobby and look up at our guests and listen to them having a good time waiting for our event to begin. It was amazing to see so many family members and friends from all parts of our lives talking and laughing together! It was the kind of party you see and wish you were a part of because people are having such a good time. The amazing news it that is was our party and we had the best time ever!

carrie and wendy wedding crew




Photographer: True Love Photo :: Event Planner: A Day to Remember :: Floral Designer: Cuttings Floral Design :: Reception Venue: The Citizen Hotel :: Cinema and Video: Heritage Video :: Cake Designer: Sugar and Spice Specialty Desserts :: DJ: Extreme Productions


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