Roll Camera

If you and your loved one are film enthusiasts, then the Pride of the Ocean might be the perfect gay honeymoon cruise for you.  In cooperation with The Pollin Group and After Stonewall Productions, the second sailing of Pride of the Ocean on board the Norwegian Gem celebrates the growth of LGBT film festivals.

Movies that have played at six festivals—Boston, Philadelphia, Long Island, Rhode Island, Vermont and Montreal—will be presented on the trip from New York City to Bermuda, May 29-June 5, 2011. Even better, the participating festivals will financially benefit from the proceeds of those attending the cruise.

Overseeing the experience is Pride of the Ocean’s Program Director John Scagliotti. His impressive credentials include being creator of the first LGBT TV series on PBS, In the Life, as well as the producer of the first gay film on PBS, Before Stonewall. Every day, a different festival will present films, and participate in panel discussions about the future of LGBT film festivals.

But it’s not just shuffleboard and panel talks. Also on board is the CineSLAM’s Film Slam Seminars where cruise participants observe works (some in progress) by filmmakers from across the country. Some filmmakers like Rodney Evans (Brother to Brother) and Yoruba Richen

(Promised Land) are already established, while others are emerging, like Sam Berliner, a genderqueer/trans graduate film studet at San Francisco State University (Genderbusters).

And you never know whom you might run into—including Liza (impersonator). So book your passage soon.


Jon Paul Buchmeyer is the author of the award-winning humorous memoir Alphabet City: My So-Called Sitcom Life and writes frequently for Condé Nast Traveler and Bon Appétit magazines. In addition, he is the author of his own popular blogs: ABCityblog.com and Poptimistic.com.