South Asian Wedding Inspiration for LGBTQ Couples

South Asian Wedding PhotographyHi everyone!  My name is Preeti, and I am a writer at The Big Fat Indian Wedding.  We are an online wedding inspiration site for the South Asian community. 

We are super excited to be able to talk about South Asian wedding inspiration and issues in the same-sex/LGBTQ community with you lovely readers.  Vibrant colors, beautiful dresses and sherwanis, and lots of flowers, the South Asian wedding is anything but dull!

Besides supporting South Asian weddings of all styles, religions, budgets, locations, we also are strong supporters of equal access of marriage for all. So before we get to all the pretty, fluffy goodness of weddings, I would like to share with you why the same-sex wedding community is so important to us and why we want to guest post on GayWeddings. 

Vibrant colors, beautiful dresses and sherwanis, and lots of flowers, the South Asian wedding is anything but dull!

Weddings are the happy catalyst that begins a lifelong commitment of two people who wish to spend their lives together. Through financial interdependence, mutual respect, a happy dose of love, and the desire to grow together, a marriage is spending that time and life with a partner.  Marriage is about consenting adults who, under the auspices of the state and/or the church, have bonded themselves to each other.

It should not matter what partner you have. Be it a different sexual orientation or gender identification, or even religion.  But for many people, it matters. It matters to the point of restricting rights, disenfranchising family, and revoking access to government benefits. It is a way to create second class citizenship, as well as disallow members of a community to the benefits of society. We don’t subscribe to that belief.  We see marriage as an equal access to all persons.

The South Asian LGBTQ public community is small.  For religious, historical, colonial, and cultural reasons, LGBTQ South Asians have been marginalized, trivialized, abused by their countries and their fellow man.  But the time has come to stand up and support my fellow mankind.

From Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan to Aamir Khan, Indians and South Asians are willing to stand up for what’s right. We don’t live in 1950s United States or India or Sri Lanka or Canada anymore. We live in 2014. The day of disenfranchisement needs to be banished to the annals of history books.

We hope our support for the LGBTQ South Asian community can improve their recognition to equality.

I can’t say I will have all the answers about South Asian same-sex wedding planning, but I am here to help answer questions, find fabulous vendors, and share my love for weddings with you. Let’s make The Big Fat Indian Wedding, a Big Fat Gay Indian Wedding too! 

Hugs and kisses,

Preeti Moberg is the founder of The Big Fat Indian Wedding, a South Asian wedding resource. She can never get enough henna and lengha wedding photos and believes all weddings are beautiful regardless of budget, style, size, gender, or religion.