Straight (Pro-Gay Marriage) Bride Runs Unexpectedly Into Pro-Gay Marriage Stance

Paul Rolly, columnist for the Salt Lake Tribune, reported today on a story about a straight bride who ran unexpectedly into a bit of "fallout from Proposition 8."

Says Rolly:

Utah resident Kristen Madrigal is planning her wedding and logged on to Martha Stewart's online wedding magazine to get ideas and find vendors for the various wedding services.

She found a calligrapher, Leigh Wells, liked her work that was displayed on the Martha Stewart site, and e-mailed her to request her services for her wedding invitations. She explained in the e-mail that she wanted two separate invitations, one for a smaller group for the wedding ceremony and reception. Then one for a larger group to the reception only.

Madrigal was stunned by Wells' response.

The calligrapher said she had to decline because the nature of the request indicated it was a Mormon wedding and, because of the church's position on gay rights issues, she will not participate in Mormon functions. When Madrigal responded that it is not a Mormon wedding and that she, too, supports gay rights, Wells wrote that she won't do any business in Utah because of the church's stands.

Wells later apologized and offered some referrals for Madrigal. Rolly does not offer any more insight into what Madrigal's response was to the situation, but we suspect that we'll hear more on this story as news outlets catch up with the bride and calligrapher.

Over the years, we've heard many stories about lesbian brides and gay grooms being turned down for services because the were planning a gay wedding or commitment ceremony. We've even heard from vendors who worry that in openly serving same sex couples, they will lose business from heterosexual couples. But, this is certainly the first time we've heard about a mainstream bride being turned down because of a pro-gay stance!

Kristen Madrigal, if you are out there and listening, please let us know what you think about Wells' stance against the policies of the Mormon Church.