Take This Film…Wonderful Wedding Movies

David ToussaintChances are, you weren’t invited to the Royal Wedding—and if you were, I’m gonna take a wild guess that you’re not spending leisurely time reading articles like this one.

Never fear, common gay folk; I’ve listed ten of the best wedding-related movies for you to enjoy. Some can actually give you ideas for wedding-planning, while some show you what not to do. Others might just be a nice diversion from dealing with stress. Read on for fabulous fun.

1. A Wedding (1978). Robert Altman’s hilarious film gives you a hint of everything that can go wrong at a wedding. Believe me, watch this and those misplaced tuxes will seem like petty problems.

2. Four Weddings & a Funeral (1994). Hugh Grant’s a cad, a creep, and so cute you could stick him in your suitcase and take him on your honeymoon. Etiquette Note: Raunchy toasts are very popular in England — not so much in the United States.

3. The Graduate (1967). It’s classic and funny, and it’s touching, as the guy takes the girl away from her nuptials. Such is the magnificence of Mike Nichols’ film, with Dustin Hoffman, Katharine Ross, and the amazing Anne Bancroft. She’ll seduce you just like the film.

4. Muriel’s Wedding (1994). Why do gays love this film? She’s unpopular, she listens to Abba, and she dreams of a fairy tale wedding. Toni Collette is wonderful in this comedy/drama Down Under tale.

5 Father of the Bride (1950). Like you and your partner, it’s an original. For women, you’ve got a story that shows there’s more to a wedding than gifts; for guys, you’ve got all that plus the incomparable Elizabeth Taylor. Oh, and Spencer Tracy’s no slouch, either.

6 The Wedding Singer (1998). Once again, not a “gay” flick, but hello! It takes place in the 1980s, so you’ll find Madonna wannabes, big hair, big outfits, and big pop songs! Oh yeah, it’s also a sweet love story. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are the leads.

7. The Wedding Banquet (1993). Before “Brokeback Mountain,” director Ang Lee made a touching, award-winning film about a gay, Taiwanese immigrant who’s forced to marry to placate his parents. There’s comedy and tears in this flick, and yet another example of Lee’s sublime filmmaking.

8. Rachel Getting Married (2008). This one’s not a comedy, but it’s a great film about weddings, stress, and family drama. Anne Hathaway plays Kym, Rachel’s sister, who’s just out of rehab and just in time to take over her sister’s wedding. Watch her “toast” scene to learn exactly what a bridesmaid should never do.

9. My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997). Most of you know this film, but it’s worth re-visiting. Why? Because, rare in Hollywood-land, the girl (Julia Roberts) ends up with the gay guy (Rupert Everett; her friend, not her fiancé). It’s a film that shows the importance of falling in love with yourself before you give yourself over to a partner. And kudos to the gay character for getting the last dance.

10. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002). It’s not a great film, but it’s a great wedding movie. Any couple, gay or straight, can relate to the cultural and religious differences involved when two people decide to get married. Watch and learn. Then get ready for your own big fat wonderful affair.


David Toussaint is the author of the Gay Couple's Guide to Wedding Planning, Gay and Lesbian Weddings: Planning the Perfect Same-Sex Ceremony, and TOUSSAINT!.