Taking The Gloves Off

Jeweler's Mutual[Sponsored Post]

The LGBTQ community knows a little something about the long fight for civil rights. And, while we have many miles to go on some fronts, we have also a come along way in others — particularly when it comes to marriage equality.

In fact, one might argue that the more we have had the opportunity to let our love stories shine, the less it’s felt like a struggle. The power of our wedding stories have allowed us to take our proverbial gloves off and spend more time in collaborative conversation around the importance of legal rights for all couples.

But as much as we might see the advantages of a fight ending and gloves coming off, Jewelers Mutual® Insurance Company — a company that’s been protecting jewelry for 101 years — wants to remind us that gloves worn for another purpose (staying warm in winter) can actually be trouble when it comes to protecting one’s shiny, new engagement or wedding ring.

In addition to the cold winter air causing one’s fingers to shrink, thus making it more likely that a ring could slip off, the interior of a glove (or a coat pocket for that matter!) can snag a ring prong causing a precious stone to pop loose. One can easily imagine scenarios like this entering evening parties, taking off outer layers to settle in at work, or removing layers to go through airport security.

Jeweler's MutualWhether you are wearing gloves to stay warm or to ready to discard your proverbial fighting gloves and embrace marriage equality, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company recommends that you take steps to protect your jewelry by insuring your valuable pieces. One can consider doing so through a traditional homeowners or renters policy, but many policies limit basic coverage to around $1,000 and often don’t cover incidents like mysterious disappearance or coverage for preventative repairs. Jewelers Mutual, however, offers world-wide coverage for loss, theft, damage, mysterious disappearance, and will replace your lost or damaged jewelry with the same kind and quality of jewelry, ensuring if you had a brand name ring you get that same brand name in return. Moreover, they allow you to work with jeweler of your choice, something that may not be typical to standard homeowners and renters policies.

Give the new symbol of your love the protection it deserves. To learn more about what Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company has to offer and to get a free quote, visit their website.