Two Recent Trends: Rose Gold and Organic Styling

Rony TennenbaumJewelry — like fashion — sets its own trends. Whether it be bracelets, earrings, pendants or wedding jewelry, there are very noticeable trends emerging every day.

One of the biggest trends over the past several years has been a movement towards “organic” looks, not only in fashion wear, but in jewelry as well. Though the most classic, traditional polished rings are still beautiful, the new wave of jewelry is a richer “toned down,” matte finishing that gives rings a more organic feel.

I find that softening gold with a matte look, for example, does two things to a ring: first, if the ring has a diamond in it, it makes the diamond “pop” a bit more; and second, a matte finish makes a ring blend much better with our skin, which is often exactly the look we are after.

Another trend I am glad to see finally taking root in the U.S. is the use of “rose gold.” Rings have been made using rose gold for decades, but as everything else, the trend comes and goes.

In the past ten years, I have seen a strong promotion of rose gold in designs originating in the East and working its way across Europe before making it to U.S. However, this beautiful color of gold has not taken a strong hold here until now!

It is so exciting to see the enthusiasm people have when I introduce them to the option. I find rose gold to be so complimentary and romantic. Since this tone of gold is the closest to our natural skin color, it makes for a stunning look on our hands. I am even more excited that men are enjoying rose gold in their rings as well. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with a rose gold ring, made with a matte finish!

I have also seen a huge growth in demand for color diamonds. As you may or may not know, diamonds do come in all colors under the sun. Anywhere from pinks, yellows, reds, greens, blues to blacks and browns, diamonds with extra fancy colors in them have shown quite a presence in recent years, especially in wedding jewelry.

Though a gorgeous pink or yellow diamond is stunning, I find “black” diamonds are just as elegant and fabulous. Beautiful designs of black solitaire diamonds accompanied by a matching black diamond band all set in white gold can not only look stunning, but also have a classic and timeless appeal. It also makes for a very modern strong statement. Diamonds represent power and strength (being the hardest substance on the planet), and their black color offers an elegant sophistication to them. The combination in a wedding ring set is perfect!


In his 25 years experience in designing and creating engagement rings and wedding bands, Rony has dedicated more than a decade of service toward helping same-sex couples translate their sentiments of commitment into meaninful custom rings, symbolizing their unique love.