US Magazine Reports Jason Mraz Won’t Wed Fiancee Until Gay Marriage Is Legal

One of our talented experts, Jon Paul Buchmeyer, offered up a great idea: encourage folks to take "The GayWeddings.com Pledge."

We thought it was a brilliant idea. A great way to spread the news about marriage equality by asking our straight allies to reward those states who have adopted marriage equality by only marrying in those states where same sex marriage is legal.

But, like a few other celebrities (notably Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie), Jason Mraz has gone one step further.

US Weekly reported today that Mraz has said that he won't marry his fiancee until gays and lesbians can legally do so.

Said Mraz:

"The wedding would be nice for our family, our friends, our community —

our moms especially — and so it puts us in the fight," he continued.

"We can't get married until [gay] marriage is legal and equal…I think

giving people the right to marry will be a huge movement in civil


 We couldn't agree more, Jason, and we applaud your support and commitment to our equality.

So, that leads us to you, Straight Allies, will you take the GayWeddings.com Pledge and pledge only to marry in a state where same sex marriage is legal?

We hope you will. And we hope you'll tell us about it. Leave your pledge in the comment space below or send us a video with your pledge and we'll post it!