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Categories: Officiant
Quality of Service: 3.0
Responsiveness: 4.0
Professionalism: 4.0
Value: 4.0
Flexibility: 4.0
They Rev. Wasn't bad. It wasn't to easy to find someone to do the ceremony in Spanish when it comes to being Catholic they usually expect you to have the ceremony at church. We had a meeting with him at his place which I'm assuming was for him to get a feeling of the couple we are. Down fall is I had stated were having a Spanish ceremony and I guess he didn't hear me and sent me the sections to be read on the wedding day in Spanish but he sent me the English version and I didn't think nothing of it. I put them together and turns out they had to be in spanish... later he ends up telling me to get them translated which I was not a huge fan of such on the fact that we paid lots of money and I still had to translate his work while I'm still juggling other things of the wedding. Overall he did pretty good on the wedding day and might of said at the end husband and husband instead of husband and wife but we laughed it off. He was alright not to bad kind of expensive.
All Faiths Wedding Officiant, Bilingual, Virginia/Maryland/DC. Same Day/Short notice weddings okay. responded with the following comments:
This is not true. I provided Melissa with Spanish editions of weddings for her to choose from. She could have selected from the Spanish editions but decided to send me back the English copy. I said if you wish to customize your wedding I am also attaching the English edition. Since I am limited in my time, I ask the couples to translate any parts they wish to have included. I wish to also mention that this wedding was scheduled to start at 4:30 and did not begin until 5:20 p.m. almost one hour late. I had another wedding that evening and this was not right.
Categories: Officiant
Quality of Service: 2.0
Responsiveness: 3.5
Professionalism: 3.0
Value: 3.5
Flexibility: 5.0
I would've given Rev. Dan much closer to 5 stars but unfortunately his cellphone rang loudly during the most important part of the ceremony. The mics picked it up, so it wasn't a subtle thing. My husband and I laughed it off, but it definitely wasn't ideal and that part of the video will be ruined due to the mics picking up the ringing. I think my wedding coordinator still gave him the $50 tip I had planned because I was planning for a perfect experience given all the other reviews. He was super accommodating and let us write our own vows and read it very well.

Categories: Officiant
Quality of Service: 2.0
Responsiveness: 2.5
Professionalism: 1.5
Value: 1.0
Flexibility: 1.0
We were very disappointed with this. The day before our rehersal (which we paid an extra $100 for), he contacted us to ask if we chould change the time so that he could make it to another committment. We were flexible, checked with the ceremony site to make sure it was okay with them and started earlier. However, he rushed through the rehersal, did not wait for everyone to be seated (we had some elderely grandparents that needed assistance getting to the location) and the whole thing was done in 10 minutes. It was very frustrating. We wished we wouldn't have wasted the money and everyone's time on the rehersal. Also, at the ceremony, once again, he rushed us through, trying to start the ceremony early and instrucing grandparents to begin coming down the aisle before the photographers were there to take pictures. To make matters even worse, he apparently signed the marriage certificate illegiably, and when we returned from our honeymoon had several messages from the DC marriage bureau requiring clarification because they could not read what was written on the certificate. We only selected this person because we were not affilliated with any church and wanted an experienced, professional officiant that would provide a meaningful ceremony. In this case, it cost us $400 for him to perform the ceremony and $100 for a useless rehersal. The options provided for the ceremony were helpful, but I think we could have gotten the same quality from someone else who would have cared more about our ceremony and not just rushing through it.
All Faiths Wedding Officiant, Bilingual, Virginia/Maryland/DC. Same Day/Short notice weddings okay. responded with the following comments:
I am sorry they feel the way they do. I had a minister friend who had a family death which necessitated that I help him out by taking one of his weddings. I explained this to the couple and thought they would understand and be flexible. They were hostile and nasty to me the day of the rehearsal and let me know they were not understanding. Flexibility also implies compassion and understanding.
Categories: Officiant
Quality of Service: 1.0
Responsiveness: 0.5
Professionalism: 1.0
Value: 1.0
Flexibility: 1.0
I would not recommend this service. Very unprofessional. Don't use this!!
All Faiths Wedding Officiant, Bilingual, Virginia/Maryland/DC. Same Day/Short notice weddings okay. responded with the following comments:
I went out of my way to please this bridal couple and I am quite surprised they are so negative. It goes to show that no matter what you do to support and help some people they will turn around and be so negative no matter what you do. Ministry is like a rose.. it has a beautiful rose bloom but also thorns.
Categories: Officiant
Quality of Service: 0.5
Responsiveness: 0.5
Professionalism: 0.5
Value: 0.5
Flexibility: 0.5
Dan was a no-show. He took my phone call, and seemed very responsive. He proposed some script materials, and asked me to make some choices for a ceremony. We met over coffee, and I thought all was progressing as it should. He asked for advanced payment, and I gave it to him. I called several days before the event to make sure he didn't have questions or concerns. On the day of the event, I arrived early to make sure all vendors were on track: Photog, DJ, Caterer, String Quartet, Florist and Limousine all showed up early enough to assure a superb event. Dan didn't show, didn't show. It dawned on me very late that he might be a no-show. I called him and he said "Was that today? I can make it there in 30 minutes..." I couldn't believe my ears. I recruited a member of the wedding party to act as officiant, and we carried it off successfully, no thanks to Dan. While he seemed promising right up until the event, he was unreliable and I can't recommend him for anyone.
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What types of weddings and events do you provide services for?
Ceremony Rehearsal, Civil Union, Interfaith Ceremony, Non-religious, Single Religion, Vow Renewal
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Allow Couples' Own Vows, Licensed, Premarital Counseling
What religious affiliations do you serve?
Agnostic, Anglican, Baha'i Faith, Baptist, Buddhist, Catholic, Earth-Based, Episcopalian, Evangelical, Hindu, Islam, Jainism, Jewish, Lutheran, Methodist, Mormon, No Denomination, Orthodox Christian, Pagan, Presbyterian, Quaker, Shinto, Sikhism, Taoist, Unitarian
On average, how long are wedding ceremonies you officiate?
Less than 30 Mins.
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