[VIDEO] 13 Tearjerker LGBT Weddings Caught on YouTube

lgbt weddings on youtube

Weddings are, by their very nature, events that call for lots of happy tears. Whether you’re one of the folks pledging your eternal love, or you’re in attendance and seeing someone you love in total love—these ceremonies tug at the heartstrings.

Even for wedding standards, though, these 13 LGBT weddings are instant tearjerkers. Our recommendation, have lots of tissues on deck for these videos. 

1. Marek and Rocco

Equal parts sleek, glamorous and heartfelt, the wedding of these Chicago grooms is plenty sweet. We double dare you not to cry at their beautiful, personalized vows. Watch the video by Dalton Campbell Digital Media here:

2. Shannon and Seema

Claiming the title of the “first lesbian Indian wedding” in the United States, the couple’s nuptials were a beautiful mix of Western and Eastern traditions—Seema donned a bright red bridal saree while Shannon went for a strapless white gown. Check out their wedding video by Steph Grant Photography here:

3. David and Tre’Darrius

Taken from an episode of “My Teenage Wedding,” at 19, this couple might be one of the youngest gay couples to marry in the United States. Please try not to cry as the young men walk down the aisle together, read their wonderful, tearful vows and celebrate with family and friends. See the video by Cineflex Productions here:

4. Robyn and Michelle

We dare you not to tear up while watching this Chicago couple’s moving wedding video—as much a celebration of their friends and family as of bridal love. Filmed in December 2014, seven months before the historic Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality, the couple reflected on their decision to tie the knot at a time when many could not: “We both wanted to share with everyone what they are fighting so hard against.” Watch the video here:

5. Kyle and Mark

This couple’s Hawaiian wedding was the stuff of romantic dreams, including walks on the beach holding hands, splashing around in white suits and a pride-filled ceremony. Attempt to hold back tears, then fail miserably and give in to this lovely video. Watch here:

6. The Salas Brides

Not even the courthouse judge could keep the tears away as this couple said “I do” in front of a team of supportive friends and family. Follow the brides as they prepare for the ceremony with family, and try to keep a dry face while listening to their heartfelt vows. Check out the video here:

7. Ben and Scott

Prepare for the tears as you catch glimpses from this incredibly sweet wedding for Australian grooms. Backed by a glamourous wedding party and supportive family members, the grooms help a romantic and tear-jerking ceremony on the waterfront. See the video from Compose Photography/Leon Mead Photography here:

8. Diana and Melissa

The only thing more beautiful than two people joining in love is when family are invited to share the bond. Diana and Melissa’s son was a prominent part of their New York City pier wedding, making a beautiful ceremony that much more tear-inducing. Watch the video from ATBMJ Productions here:

9. Matt and Harshal

Vibrant, colorful and full of happy tears, these grooms were surrounded by family and friends during this traditional Indian ceremony. Officiated by a close friend who’s seen the relationship develop, it’s downright impossible not to shed a few while watching the grooms unite. The video is here:

10. Lizette and Candace

Between Coldplay in the background to the touching story of how they fell in love (over an anxiety attack, of all things) combine to form a really heartwarming portrait of a loving couple on their wedding day. See the video here: 

11. Pedro and Michael

The love these grooms have for each other is palpable in this moving tribute to their courthouse ceremony. Even if you don’t understand the language of the vows, it’s clear the moment was incredibly moving for the grooms and their family and friends in attendance. Watch the video here:

12. Andrea and Karina

Every aspect of this video fights for your tears, from shots of the brides getting ready with their families, when a handwritten note from Andrea induced tears for Karina, to the beautiful ceremony, where everyone sniffled back tears, to the heartfelt toasts from the wedding party. Here’s the video:

13. Felicia and Mary

Clearly trying to make us sob uncontrollably, these brides orchestrated a beautiful, stylish and incredibly touching ceremony full of family and friends. From the wedding party procession of parents, attendants and brides to the fun-filled reception, this video is love-filled joy. Watch here:

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