[VIDEO]: Fabulous Gay Wedding Exit Plan!

David and Stephen recently submitted this fabulous video from their wedding. Comins Media Productions captured this absolutely fantastic, foot-tapping, contagious “flash mob” exit that David and Stephen planned with a little help from their friends.

Watch this fabulous gay wedding exit video!

David & Stephen’s Flash Mob Wedding Exit by Comins Media. Video courtesy of the grooms!


Planning a Flash Mob Recessional

We asked the grooms to tell us about their wedding and planning the “flash mob” wedding recessional and here’s what David had to say:

“Steve and I knew we wanted to do something unique and fun at our wedding. It took a while to figure out what that unique thing was going to be. 
“My sister married us. It was great collaborating with her over the year to sculpt and plan our ceremony. She wrote so many lovely words and kept us focused on what the day was all about- becoming husbands for life and pledging our love to one another. We wrote our own vows, performed a knot tying ceremony, and wanted to end our wedding in a fun way that would set the tone for the rest of the night. We both thought: flash mob! 
“Originally the flash mob was going to be us and our wedding party only. Then we decided to incorporate family. But having just our family pop up seemed odd, so we recruited the help of some of our talented guests. We are both from CA, but live in NYC. Our friends and family are spread throughout NY, CA, TX, NV, and more. So we new this would be a little challenging. 
“About a month before the wedding Steve and I choreographed the dance. We both teach at a Belvoir Terrace, an all girls summer camp in the Berkshires. We recruited the help of some of my musical theatre students. We taught them the choreography for our wedding party and the guests to see how it looked. We made a few last minute changes then filmed is doing it from the guest perspective and wedding party perspective. We sent that YouTube link out to our wedding party so they could see how it would look. We also sent them a link to the step by step choreography so they could learn it. A week before the wedding we emailed our wedding guest flash mobbers. They were broken into 5 groups. Each group received a link with a video showing just their choreography and the cue. 
“The night before the rehearsal we had our family over for dinner. We made sure they knew their choreography and more importantly, their cue. They were the first group to pop up, so timing was key. We drilled it a dozen times and had a a lot of good laughs. 
“The day before the wedding we had our rehearsal. It was a bit more involved than a traditional wedding rehearsal. Our rehearsal was scheduled from 11am-12pm, and Forest House Lodge was nice enough to let us arrive early for a separate flash mob rehearsal. At 10:30 our wedding party and family showed up and we spaced it all out and reviewed steps as needed. One of our bridesmaids couldn’t be at the rehearsal so a friends husband filled in for her. After the flash mob rehearsal we had our traditional wedding rehearsal. 
“The day of the wedding anyone in the flash mob met at 4pm for a rehearsal, while Steve and I took pictures with our family. Our wedding party was awesome in leading the rehearsal the day of and we didn’t have to think about it. After they finished with the rehearsal the wedding party joined us at the ceremony site for one last “dress rehearsal” and the guests enjoyed a pre-ceremony gathering back at the lodge. We ran the flash mob one time with the wedding party & DJ so the videographer and photographer could watch to see what it would be, and we would all have a chance to see what it felt like doing in our wedding shoes/clothes. Once we finished the dress rehearsal, Steve and I hid in the “Bridal tent” while our family and wedding party greeted our weddings guests. 
“We are so lucky to have such supportive (and talented!) family and friends.”
That’s for sure, David! We couldn’t agree more!