Light Up Your Big Day With Wedding Sparklers

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When describing the effect wedding sparklers have on your guests, one depiction comes to mind: loving energy. It is this contagious energy that has such a ripple effect on everyone. Wedding sparklers create a united atmosphere where everyone bonds over being a truly special part of your meaningful day. Brides and grooms repeatedly express to us how significant it is to have their guests thank them for filling THEIR day with LOVE! Nothing is more pleasing when your own love rekindles the passion in others.

With different venues and guest list sizes, it is extremely helpful to find appropriate ways to use wedding sparklers. Here are some suggestions that outline creative ways to use wedding sparklers from beginning to end.

ENTRANCE OF THE COUPLE: Welcome the couple to the ceremony or reception with blossoming sparkles. Once the wedding sparklers expire, use sand filled buckets (labeled with sweet messages) along the aisle(s) to safely dispose of them.

CENTERPIECES: While waiting for the wedding sparklers to be used, we recommend using them as centerpieces. Venues have become increasingly creative with decorative vases, including filling them up with ornate rocks as wedding sparklers take the place of flowers with burning potential! Guests will perceive the anticipation early on!

ViP Sparklers

CAKE OR DESSERT ENTRANCE: Just in case you want to be extra careful when using wedding sparklers on your wedding cake, we offer an alternative for its grand entrance. With a foam surrounding the base of the wedding cake tray, wedding sparklers can be inserted around the cake itself. Given the ashless and smokeless sparkle, have your wedding cake live the excitement of its presence! Guests won’t be able to resist tasting the such a presentation.

FIRST DANCE: First dances are a staple for many couples! As the couple prepares for their FIRST DANCE as a married couple, gather some of your guests to form a semi-circle around the dance floor (semi-circle so that guests can still see the couple). Every 30 second interval or so, have your guests with burning wedding sparklers uniformly rotate as the couple continues their dance.

PHOTOSHOOT IDEA I: This photoshoot idea literally grows from the ground. Use ViP Sparklers’ 36 inch sparklers as an arrangement on an open area. “Plant” the sparklers as a heart silhouette on soft, trimmed grass and centerthe couple inside the heart. Have someone light the sparklers and let your photographer capture the moment! As the heart-shaped frame glitters down to its origin, photographs above eye level completely capture the vision behind this idea.

PHOTOSHOOT IDEA II: Similar to the aforementioned photoshoot idea, our second creative way to use wedding sparklers is a variation of it. Instead of a heart-shaped “fence” containing love in it, lie down with sparklers by your side.

FAREWELL CIRCLE: As the ceremony comes to an end, ViP Sparklers believes saying farewell should not be a moment of sadness. Instead, encourage the couple to depart with words of wisdom and support. Create a circle of close friends and family, each with a sparkler. As the couple temporarily divides across opposite curves of the circle, each guest can bid farewell to the couple with a shining “star” above their heads.

GRAND WEDDING EXIT: For ceremonies with an extended guest list, a grand wedding exit works best so that most guests can participate. Opposite to the “Couple’s Entrance” idea from PART I, this creative way to use sparklers is to bring closure to the big day! Conclude a well-thought out ceremony with joy and excitement with this grandiose approach.

SHUTTER EFFECT: Imagine following up with your guests with a Thank You card like no other! Photographers can use what is known as a “shutter effect” to capture “Words of Light.” The couple and/or guests can write messages such as Thank You or the date of the wedding with sparklers!

We always love adding to our list of creative ways to using Wedding Sparklers so please send your pictures of your joyous occasion!


Photos courtesy of ViP Wedding Sparklers