Gay Wedding Invitation Ideas And Then Some

Out of the Box Gay Wedding Invitation Ideas

Wedding Invitation BoxAn Invitation that is a Wedding Favor and a Reception Decoration

By Alice Jenkins

Looking over your guest list, you already know that a handful of your friends and family won’t be able to make it to the wedding. That doesn’t have to mean, however, that they can’t contribute to the magic of your big day. Using wedding boxes—one part invitation and one part keepsake–give your loved ones an opportunity to share their well-wishes from afar.


What you’ll need for your invitations:

* Invitation Mailer Boxes
* Tissue Paper
* Wish Cards
* Note cards
* Personalized/Commemorative Pens

Get started:

Once you’ve received your invitations, choose your wish cards. You may want something ready-made, or you may want to add your own touch. Cards should be small enough to fit inside the wedding box and large enough to write on. Your guests will use this space to share their wishes and advice for you.

Print simple instructions for filling out wish cards on the notecards. For example: “Make a wish… Send a wish to us. When you’re ready to RSVP, include the wish card in the response envelope. Wishes will be on display at our reception.”

Wishes Cards

Put it all together:

* Place each invitation inside a box mailer, with the text facing up.
* Lay a sheet of tissue paper on top of the invitation for protection.
* Place the notecard with instructions for filling out the wish card on top of the tissue, followed by the blank wish card.
* As a special touch, add a commemorative pen at a diagonal inside the box.
* Seal and address each box.

Remember! Invitations like this will require extra postage so be sure to adjust your budget accordingly!

Now what? 

As your guests begin to RSVP, collect their wish cards all in one place. Think about how you’ll display them at your reception. Wish trees make gorgeous centerpieces. Or, use decorative clothes pins and ribbon to quickly make a quirky, sweet garland of wishes.

Looking for more inspiration on how to display wish cards? Visit the Real Weddings section!



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