A Wedding Love Poem :: For Erin and Deana

Reader Stephen Guy sent us this poem, written for the wedding ceremony of his friends, Erin & Deanna.

He wishes to share it freely in the public domain so if it speaks to you, you can have a dear friend read it in your ceremony as he did for his brides.

i meld into you

clouds meld into sky

mist mountains

undulate to blue

music melds into mind

special places special times

shared with you

rain melds into pond

ripples recede to

feed spring water

lips meld into kiss

upon the softness

of shy curves

two meld into one

one nature to another

embraced by nature

i meld into you

with my love

with my vows

Are there special readings or personal writings you or a friend has shared at your wedding? Let us know about them! Submit them to us or post your thoughts!