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Jenn & Jenna

Jenn is a teacher who took a break to further her education and got a part time job. When she first saw Jenna she realized this was a woman she wanted to know better. After months of trying to get the courage to even say hi to Jenna, Jenn found an opportunity to tell Jenna a story. The story was from when Jenn was in college and had a rainbow peace flag from Italy which her college RA mistook for a pride flag. Jenna at that time didn’t totally realize the true message Jenn was trying to give her. After talking some more they realized that they wanted to go on a date to get to know each other outside of work.

They spent all of Christmas Day with their respective families, but their cell phones were glued to their sides as they texted each other all day. Early in the relationship they realized how much they were soul mates and would often comment that they would “Love you for double forever and 3 years” because loving the other for just “forever” felt too short.

Right before they celebrated 7 months of being together Jenn got down on one knee and gave Jenna a ring. The couple is extremely excited about their engagement and are looking forward to planning a celebration.

Love Inspiration

True love only comes once in a lifetime...this is our time....

Fast Facts

First date: Pizza and a movie on December 29, 2011
Got engaged: July 27, 2012

In Case You Were Wondering

Who proposed to who: Jenn proposed to Jenna
Our last name will be: We will keep our own last name

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