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D’Anna & Brandi

It’s a bit difficult to describe Brandi and I. Actually, it’s “a LOT” difficult, but every story has to start somewhere. So here it goes.

I can’t really remember if it was in the fall or early winter, but i suppose it really doesn’t matter. We were both in school, and she had no idea who i was. Not like she should have. I was the complete opposite of her, and she wasn’t the “know-it-all” type of person. We didn’t share the same friends, mostly because she was into sports, after school clubs, and I didn’t give a shit. She wasn’t openly gay at the time, but she didn’t fool me or anyone else for that matter. I can still remember the day that she came into school, her long hair all chopped off. She looked like a boy, and i wanted to laugh. Of course at that time, i didn’t know i was gay. Mostly because all i had ever cared about was attention, and guys seemed to give it to me. I was stuck in a dead end relationship with a guy i hated, but i never really let those things end. I invited Brandi to a party i was going to, and the night was well, interesting. We talked a lot after that, and she became my best friend. My boyfriend however didn’t seem to like her, or her him. For a while i was happy with what i was doing. Which was ignoring my boyfriend, and hanging out with Brandi all of the time. This routine ended after a while, and I left my boyfriend. For a good two months i was completely miserable, but Brandi never left my side. I went from guy to guy, as i always had after a bad break up. Never taking a second to think about my feelings for Brandi. That was until, the Fourth of July. My dad always has a big party, and that year was no different. I invited Brandi, being my best friend and all. The night was normal, me hating my life because i had to hang around my family. Brandi was calm, as usual. She was always so cool and collected. I envied her, mostly because i couldn’t go a day without an anxiety attack. Being around people didn’t help the matter, i hated it and have always avoided socializing. Despite the anxiety, everything seemed perfect. We laughed, and talked all night. My family really seemed to like her, and it just made me want her near me even more. Then my dad made the announcement that the fireworks would be starting and we all needed to be seated. Brandi and I sat on my back steps waiting. After about five minutes or so we heard the crack of the first firework. I’ve never really enjoyed them, but this night had a different feel about it. A few minutes in, i looked over to see if she was at all interested in the show. She wasn’t looking at me when i turned to her. Her face tilted upward, a small grin on her lips. She looked perfect, and everything stopped. The lights glimmered in her eyes and across her face. She seemed to get prettier with each pop and crack. I was so engulfed in her beauty that i missed almost the whole show. After it ended we walked to her car. I decided to wait, just a few more days to ask her. A few days turned into ten, and ten turned into twenty. Finally twenty-seven days later(07/31/07) i mustered up enough courage to ask her to be mine. Of course she said yes. From that day over a year ago we have been together. There have been many ups and downs, but they have only made us stronger.

There are a lot of inbetweens, and it would take me forever to write. I don’t think it really matters what has happened.

We had talked about marriage since we first started dating, but because we live in Connecticut we could only get a civil union. That is until yesterday (10/10/08). Connecticut has now become the third state to legalize gay marriage. We have yet to become engaged, but it will soon happen. That is our story as of now. It may seem boring, and incomplete but it’s nothing like our lives and our love.

Love knows no bounds.

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Fast Facts

First met: 09/06
First date: 10/06
Got engaged: n/a

In Case You Were Wondering

Our last name will be: Zdun

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