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Ariel & Nicole

We have been together for 3 Years. We met as friends and it grew to a new kind of relationship. We have been through so much. We’ve been through surgeries, health problems, family emergencies, financial issues, and anything else you can think of. We are young. I myself am only 20 and Nicole is 23. I know deep down to the bottom of my heart she is the one. I love her with all my heart and feel that no matter what we can work through anything. We both want to make a commitment to each other as soon as we can, but are still looking around for the proper location where we can make such a commitment.

Fast Facts

First met: In College (EPCC)
Ceremony location: n/a

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: n/a
Our wedding colors: n/a
We will be wearing: A dress (Ariel) and tux (Nicole)
Who proposed to who: We proposed to eachother
Our last name will be: Mess-Alvarado

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