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Hello my name is: ARION TEMCHUK & ROBBIE DELL,

We are both are gay males. Happy to love one another and live with each other forever…..

The first day I meet Robbie was at the gay bar when I was walking around to see my friends until I cought him around my eye. I walked up to him to say friendly hello to him. Plus I thought he was hot and sexy at first. Then I asked him about some question about him. First was are you stright or bio or gay and he reply back to me I am not stright and bi I am 100 percent gay male. I said cool. Plus are you seeing anyone or taken or have a partner and then he said not about those things. I said oh okay what about single he said yes I am single and I said for me I am single as well what is hot single guy like your self doing in a gay bar you should be taken by now. Then he said well look at the hell at you how could you be single I said well no one wanted to date this Drag queen at all. I told him. I said I just wish that someone who can love me for who I am and what I am as a queen. Then we have been dating with each other for alost year now. Since the bar we haven’t left each others arms at all. We go where we wanted to go shopping and othr things as well for now we are just looking for friends thats what we promise to each other. More friend to be happy. We are planning ou very caring holiday with my mother to gay prie in Toronto,Ont for a week with her. Then by December we are moving out side of Canada to our new home in the USA. I am looking forward to the big day to marry my lover with all my heart…..

I am a drag queen my drag name is DIVA BITCH. I love doing my shows and they are very inportent to me. I will always keep them up high.

I have my mother she loves me and my partner to the world.

I have a big family they love me and my new lover.

For Robbie he works at home and takes care of me so do I as well.

His family loves me as well they can’t wait to see me in person again.

His mother loves me to the world.

Look forward to hear from all youo guys out and we are Friendly gay guys.

Come to a sexy Gay wedding. Got to love us we are family

Love Inspiration

I love him with all my heart and many more to come.

Fast Facts

First met: Gay Bar at club 200 in Winnipeg,MB
First date: The next moring we stayed up all night long with each other
Ceremony date: 11/10/2011
Ceremony location: N/A
Favorite planning resource: N/A
Honeymoon destination: N/A

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: GAY & STRIGHT IS WELL TO OUR GAY LIFES
Our wedding colors: Gay pride colors
We will be wearing: TEXDO AND DRESS
Who proposed to who: Robbie proposed to Arion
Our last name will be: Bell

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