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Samantha & Alison

We met through a mutual friend, Beth. Alison was Beth’s sister’s best friend growing up. Beth was a co-worker of mine (Sami) who started about 5 weeks after me at our current job – we have been close friends ever since. A bunch of my co-workers would get together at a local bar/club after work and that was the way that Alison and I would see each other. One night, I poured a drink on my leg and told Alison to lick it off…and she did! We would meet up at this club with friends for about a year and a half, then we finally decided to start officially dating. Our first date was 7/23/04 and we have been together since! We dated for a few months, and then realized that we were absolutely in love with each other. I would come visit her at her apartment on weekends and started adding days during the week until I was there most of the time. I officially moved in with her in May of 2005. We got a puppy, Max, who just added to the love that we shared for each other. We moved several months later, into “our” apartment. She proposed on 7/24/06, and the wedding planning started from there.


Love Inspiration

Finding each other

Fast Facts

First met: Sometime in early 2003
First date: 7/23/2004 at Hak's Strip Club
Got engaged: 7/24/2006
Ceremony location: Wilmington Western Railroad
Favorite planning resource: Too many to list
Honeymoon destination: Uncertain at this time

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: our wedding
Our wedding colors: light purple (lilac or lavender) and silver
We will be wearing: Sami - Gown; Alison - new dress shirt/slacks
Who proposed to who: Sami proposed first, then Ali proposed
Our last name will be: Still deciding

Looking Back on the Big Day

Favorite wedding moment: Still anticipating
First Dance song: Amazed by Lonestar

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