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Alishia & Christine

February 2008, is when this story began to unfold. Alishia, was sitting at home surfing a dating website. She was thinking about randomly messaging anyone she thought was cute. This is exactly what she did and as fate would have it, Christine was the first cutie to write back! And really the only one who mattered.

Chris and Alishia then began talking and shortly after exchanged pictures. The two talked online, and then on the phone once Alishia was brave enough to answer. After a few weeks their first date was planned and the two finally met in person. The night played off like a true fairy tale as they danced the night away. The girls spent lots of time together, however during this time Alishia played it safe and tried not to get too close too quickly. Over time Alishia finally let her guard down and allowed love to lead the way.

As time went on they officially became, Alishia and Christine. Soon after they decided to turn their love into a triangle, with the addition of a furry little bundle of joy, they called Peanut.? ?

Fast Facts

First date: Feb 2008
Got engaged: Aug 4th 2009
Ceremony location: Toronto, ON

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: Aqua, black and white damask

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