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Amanda & Melissa

It is a long story….Melissa was the bartender, I was the waitress, and the connection was instant…love at first sight you could say, but I didn’t pursue as she had a girlfriend….well we all became friends. That’s when we realized we had something so much more than friends. We started dating in April 04, and have been through thick and thin. She is my soulmate, my lover, my friend. I couldn’t ask for more, than the happiness we have. Marriage, children, love, laughter…we will have a happy forever, and can’t wait to make it legal!

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Fast Facts

First met: I was the Waitress, she was the Bartender
Got engaged: July 05
Ceremony location: Cold Lake, Alberta
Favorite planning resource: Us and our laptops
Honeymoon destination: Cancun, Mexico

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: P-A-R-T-Y cuz we're gettin M-A-R-R-I-E-D!!!
Our wedding colors: Baby pink and white
We will be wearing: Amanda: White Dress; Melissa: White Pants and baby pink vest
Who proposed to who: Melissa proposed to Amanda
Our last name will be: Ayers

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