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anthoy & joe

Okay, so it’s been so long that this is almost just a formality. But we are so happy to be able to live out our dream of walking down the asile with my best friend, partner in Life, and my true desire.

I hope you all can help make this the most special day in my life…after being born and meeting joey in the first place.

anthony & Joey

Finally...i'm able to be myself

Love Inspiration

17 year and a lifetime to go.

Fast Facts

First met: Ingonito in Reseda....cheesy bar
First date: at Joe's house right before the 92 riots
Got engaged: i've been asking since 94
Ceremony location: Malibu Beach
Honeymoon destination: Malibu

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Anjo's Union
Our wedding colors: White and Silver
We will be wearing: White Linen
Who proposed to who: Anthony to Joe
Our last name will be: Gonzalez.B / Barcia.G

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