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April & Mia

We first met at a mutual friend’s birthday party in November 2006. We again were aquainted weeks later, when a large group of friends went out. We danced, later exhanged numbers and began conversing on the phone. We were both “dating” though and nothing would come of it.

Months later, and relationships later, we again “bumped” into each other at a night club and again exchanged numbers. A week later, we went on a date, and have been together every day since.

That time apart, when it “didn’t work” was much needed and we both are thankful that nothing came of our meeting the first time. Neither one of us were ready for what we are experiencing now together.

To allow yourself to love is to be honest with yourself. Being honest with yourself is a trait to fall in love with.

Fast Facts

First met: November 2006
First date: July 2007
Got engaged: November 2007
Ceremony location: Kansas City, MO

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: black, white, royal blue
We will be wearing: Me-gown, her-tux
Who proposed to who: mutual
Our last name will be: Houston

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