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Aron & Kurt

We met while we were both at our respective jobs. We were both with other people and decided that we would have to break up with those people to be together; we did and here we are… 6 years later. I proposed the first time shortly after one year and then again after about 3 years. Now it’s really time to do it.

I cannot picture my life without Kurt in it; not for lack of trying mind you. I’ve tried really hard – we both have – to maintain our independence. What we’ve found is that it is possible to be independent minded while still having a fulfilling – COMITTED – relationship.

I value most his kind and gentle manner – so at odds with my gruffness.

I've found the other half to my whole world.

Love Inspiration

How he puts up with my sh%t

Fast Facts

First met: Iffy - we've settled on 05/02/2005
First date: 05/02/2005
Got engaged: Who can say really
Ceremony date: 06/25/2011
Ceremony location: TBD
Favorite planning resource: TBD
Honeymoon destination: TBD

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: A Wedding
Our wedding colors: Navy Blue, black and silver
We will be wearing: Tuxedos
Who proposed to who: I to Kurt
Our last name will be: Marks-Anderson
We are registered at: TBD TBD

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