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Bailey & Ashley

Well I, Bailey work at PSS (a salon whole saler) as a store manager and Ashley works at Cynthia’s Family Hair Care as a Stylist. Right now we are renting a two bedroom house on the west end. We have two dogs: a Miniature Pincher named Cheeto and a Shitzue/bichon named PJ, we also have a corn snake named Marble, a ball python named Casey and a water dragon named Draco! We have one of our good friend, Steven living in the basement. When we first met we didnt even like each other! Ashley worked for my mom and I felt like she wanted to be my moms daughter which was great after a while because I got away with alot more! Then we started to hang out and it went on from there! We enjoy camping, swimming, reading, watching movies and pretty much anything that evolves each other!!

Love Inspiration

The love that we have for each other

Fast Facts

First met: At my mom's salon
Got engaged: Jan 10 2007
Ceremony date: 05/16/2008
Ceremony location: Canora Hall

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: LOVE!
Our wedding colors: Orange, blue, purple
We will be wearing: Dresses
Who proposed to who: Bailey proposed to Ashley
Our last name will be: Reicher

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