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Barbara & Janine

Me and Janine met over eleven years ago and had to depart for certain reasons at the time, but there was no doubt that I was in love with her. I met her through a newspaper ad that a friend made me answer because I was single at the times. Sure enough she responded a day later and we spoke but she really was determined to meet me that same day. Janine after eleven years decided to find me again after so many years through online searches and found my moms phone number. I had just came back from being deployed to Gustave in New Orleans that very same time. I called her back the same day and that was it we have been together since and now happily living together with her kids and my son Jayden who is six years old. It is a blessing to have her in my life again after so many years.

Love Inspiration

The love of my life

Fast Facts

First met: Through a newspaper
First date: A romantic time sitting by a park just talking
Got engaged: May 2009
Ceremony date: 06/25/2010
Ceremony location: Conneticut
Favorite planning resource: Having it done together
Honeymoon destination: Austrailia

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Chance of a lifetime
Our wedding colors: Need the misses to decided
We will be wearing: Light colors but the same
Who proposed to who: Janine
Our last name will be: Mckenzie

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