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Zayan & Beth

We are in love. A ridiculous amount. We met through a friend, she gave me directions to her house and it pretty much snowballed after that (of course with the usual amount of lesbian drama in the beginning). We got engaged March 2008 in Disney World in the most romantic, magical, fairytale way imaginable. It was during a carriage ride, all of a sudden the driver turned around and said “S’cuse me milady, I think you lost your shoe”, then proceeds to put a pillow of flowers topped with a glass slipper in my lap. Before I can respond with the immediate reaction of “wtf” I notice Beth getting on her knees and the ring in the shoe…. and the rest was kind of a blur. Lots of crying, while on our way to keep our dinner reservations in Cinderella’s Castle, where Cinderella herself (wow!) congratulated us before I went upstairs to cry and snot into my pork medallions. Meanwhile, the Fairy Godmother and a couple mice start dancing and singing Bibbity Bobbity Boo and she also talks about how Dreams Do Come True (yes, they do!). As if all of this were not planned more perfectly, the Magic Kingdom fireworks start with Jiminy Cricket singing about Wishing Upon Stars and all you need to do is dream and hope and phew! It was the most emotional, magical, stardust and moonbeams moment of my life. Incredible, truly.

Our day to day lives: I manage a chain of coffee shops in the city and she is involved in her family business. We lived truly blessed lives; we have each other, our fully supportive families, nieces and nephews, our beautiful house and the steady foundation of the knowledge that we are on the same page, with the similiar goals, values, and commitment to achieve them. Beth is incredible, thoughtful, loyal and stubborn. I, Zayan, am emotional, passionate, and intensely in love. And they lived happily ever after.

Love Inspiration

it's easy when it's right

Fast Facts

First met: she gave me directions to her house, and her heart
First date: the park, with our dogs
Got engaged: Fairytale Story: in a carriage ride in the Magic Kingdom
Ceremony location: Tomasello Winery, Hammonton, NJ
Favorite planning resource: word of mouth
Honeymoon destination: Curacao, Ireland, or England

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: a wedding
Our wedding colors: ivory,burntorange, cranberry,brown
We will be wearing: still undecided
Who proposed to who: Beth proposed to Zayan (I nearly fell out of the carriage!)
Our last name will be: Cooper

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