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BreAna & Angelica

BreAna and I met where else over the internet (I live in Arizona She is in Colorado). We would message back and forth almost everyday. A few weeks later we began texting and talking over the phone. I first fell for her personality but I did not confess my love until a year and a half later. We had a complicated relationship at first because I was afraid of hurt and even though she never had done anything wrong I was still hesitant. She was my friend who would talk me through the rough times and keep me giggling when i was already floating, She still does. I became pregnant in November of 2010 and she instantly stepped up and now we have a beautiful son who own’s our heart’s and soul’s. More days passed they turned into months and in March of 2012 after watching The Avengers She proposed. I love her with so much of my heart and she adores me. Now we are here almost 2 years from the day we met and we are engaged and have started a family, I could not ask for a better love then the one that we have. I love you BreAna.

"When I saw You I fell in love, and You smiled because You knew." - William Shakespeare

Love Inspiration

Each other's hearts and our son.

Fast Facts

First met: Sept. 2010
First date: Dec. 31, 2010
Got engaged: May 10, 2012

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