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Brittany & Elizabeth

Liz and Brit met on plenty of fish neither of them thought they would find their soulmate on a dating website but they did. Liz asked Brit to go out for dinner and a movie after that they became inseparable. They both felt a strong connection from the first time they looked into each others eyes. They saw each other everyday since their first meeting. They both believed in marriage and a life long commentment but neither of them expected to fall in love so fast. They both desprately needed one another but didn’t expect to find it off a dating website or so quick. On January 29th Liz decided to propose. She had bought a ring earlier that day and knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life with brit. Liz told Brit’s mom she wanted to marry her daughter and Brit’s mom agreed that it would make her daughter happy and thats all that mattered to her. So with Brit’s mothers approval it was just a matter of asking Brit to marry her. They had planned to go out that evening with some friends. However the longer Liz waited the more nervous she got. Brit was in the shower when liz came into the bathroom. Brit was rinsing her hair out and her eyes where closed when liz said, “i have a question for you” Brit opened her eyes to see liz standing there holding a beautiful ring in her hand and she said to brit, “i was wondering if you would be my wife” Brit was in complete shock and said yes with out a hesitation. They went out that night to celebrate. They are planning on getting married on a beach in hawaii and upon their return having a reception in NJ for family and friends to attend.

I'll be your eyes and you'll be my heart. Together the possiblities are endless.

Love Inspiration

Being happy for the rest of our lives

Fast Facts

First met: On Plentyoffish.com
First date: We went to apple bee's then te movies
Got engaged: 1-29-11 in the shower haha
Ceremony location: Hawaii
Honeymoon destination: Hawaii

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: Tropical
Who proposed to who: Liz proposed to Brit
Our last name will be: undecided

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