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Bailz & Jessica

I get all excited about this little site and find that I don’t have a picture of us anywhere that is accessable to a computer at the moment. It makes me upset, but fear not, i’m working on it!

I’m making this for my beautiful partner Miss Jessica who I love more than anything I can describe.

We met in High School through a mutual friend (Josean) in a club for a mutual hobby (Anime Club) and pretty much hit it off from there.

We are your classic “in denial” about or sexual orientation pretty much for the better half of High School, granted we were joined at the hip and the best of friends. I guess our friends suspected before we ever considered a relationship because when we announced we were dating the most common reaction was “It’s about time”! We didn’t start dating a few years after graduation and I had been going through hard times in my life and needed a friend. She was always there for me no matter what my disfuction threw at her (much to the shagrin of her family) I even moved in with her and we share a bed now, (oh the blanket wars we suffer..and the toe pinching)

I’d say we are the All American Defiant Couple ^_^ I’m short, Afro-American/Mexican nerd witha rebellious streak and she is a tall red headed, caucasian Stepford Daughter out of a Mail Order Magazine (quote from “Raise your Voice). But that’s why we love eachother, we’re so different! And she is adorable and smart and funny and I could go on naming her qualities but that would bore you.

We’re getting Married Fall 2008 after my 21st birthday. We like a date in November because most family events (I.E. Birthdays and Weddings) Seem to have a correlation of falling in November in both our families (who have yet to know this little venture…it’s complicated)

"She was sure of that. Or at least she hoped it with such fervor that it felt like certainty."

Love Inspiration

You Can't Put a Price on Feelings, nor can You Risk it unless you are Together. We don't wanna Risk anything Apart, so Might as well tie the Knot...they do say we are joined at the bloody Hip ^_^

Fast Facts

First met: Anime Club, I'd say Januaryish 2004
First date: Didn't really have one. we just kinda...well...loved first
Got engaged: November 2007
Ceremony date: 11/12/2008
Ceremony location: undecided
Favorite planning resource: gayweddings.com
Honeymoon destination: London England

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: Blue and White
We will be wearing: undecided
Who proposed to who: Bailey proposed to Jessica
Our last name will be: Ward

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