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Rose & Gerri

We are crazy. We are best friends who laugh at everything together. When we first met, I was “in the closet” and Rose pursued me with great stalkerishness. She would come hang out with me and made me feel all giddy and weird. Pretty soon, I just let it out and decided to enjoy my life to the fullest with the woman I love. I realized life was too short to not do what was right for me. US!

People say we are silly together, but they are absolutely right. Rose and I have so many good times and laugh at almost anything together; including each other! She has helped me loosen up from my seriousness and I have taught her to let her truth shine. We do everything together. Cooking, cleaning, all the mundane household stuff that is not much fun becomes fun when we have each other around.

Love knows no bounds.

Love Inspiration

We are best friends!

Fast Facts

First met: August 2009
First date: October 30, 2009
Got engaged: November 17, 2009
Ceremony location: Beaver Creek Park, South Havre, Montana
Favorite planning resource: Hobby Lobby
Honeymoon destination: Seattle, Washington

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Our Wedding
Our wedding colors: Purple, Silver, Black and White
We will be wearing: Rose, black slacks & satin shirt. I will wear a wedding gown
Who proposed to who: Rose proposed to Gerri
Our last name will be: CARS

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