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Lauren & Carla

Carla and I met about 2 years ago at (of all places) Apex, a gay club in DC with a lesbian night. Neither one of us expected anything more than a good time with friends, but we actually found love.

A couple months after we met I packed up and moved from my home in Virginia to Maryland with Carla. We lived together for a while. Once we realized things were getting serious we decided to live apart until we made it official.

So now we share quiet evenings at home, and wild nights out with friends. We both work quite a bit, but know how to enjoy our free time.

Carla is emotionally tougher and stronger, where I am more sensitive. She wears the boots and I wear the heels :0).

We are in the very early planning stages of our committment ceremony (hoping for a marriage when Md passes the bill)and hope to get lots of feedback from others that are futher along.

Drop us a line!!

Lauren & Carla

I'll let u wear boots if I can wear a cinderella dress!

Love Inspiration

The realization that we could be completely content with each other for the rest fo our lives...

Fast Facts

First met: Apex, 2/06, Washington DC
First date: Paolo's & Blue Gin, 3/06
Got engaged: Feb 08
Favorite planning resource: gayweddings.com, purpleunions.com

In Case You Were Wondering

Who proposed to who: Carla to Lauren
Our last name will be: McLean

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