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Carlee & Mary

Mary and I met Through myspace about 2 years ago. we lived a few hours apart but managed to visit often. my first trip was only supposed to be over night but on my way home the passes were closed due to snow so i went back and ended up spending the week with her. It was great and we really became close during that time. her family made me feel so at home i really didnt want to leave them. after that we made every effort to see each other as much as possible. about 9 months into dating i got into an accident and needed Mary to come down and stay with me for a couple weeks to help with my daughter while i was recovering. She never left! we stayed there for a year, and then decided it was time to move up and be near her family we missed them so much! Mary is my perfect match, shes my best friend i couldnt imagine my life with out her!

I love you, not for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.

Love Inspiration

Alex, Our daughter, we want to celebrate our love and promise to stay together and raise her we want to share that wtih other people.

Fast Facts

First met: Christmas 2006
First date: Febuary 19th 2007
Got engaged: October 2008
Ceremony location: Deepwood estate.. sooooo beautiful!!!
Honeymoon destination: Not sure yet

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Our wedding
Our wedding colors: black and white w/pink accent
We will be wearing: Carlee:Dress Mary: Suit
Who proposed to who: Mary Proposed to Carlee
Our last name will be: Jeffers

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