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Cathy & Patti

We first met online. Patti “winked” at me!! I checked out her page, and figured why not! About a week after the first “wink” I sent Patti the first of what soon became MANY emails! Everyday I would wake up and rush to see if I had gotten any emails from Patti! Soon, Patti had to go out of town on business, so while she was away she couldn’t check her email as frequently. We then exchanged numbers, but still I was too nervous to call her! She actually called me first while she was still out of town. While she was still away, we set up our first date for right after she got back.

The day before our first (official) date, I had gone out with friends. That night Patti was actually at a speed-dating event! (Already planned before she had met me!) Well, while we were out that night, a friend of mine started to text Patti to come and meet us. (Really, they just wanted to make sure the person I met online wasn’t “freaky” and that it was safe for me to go out alone with her!) Patti did arrive at the bar after a bit, along with one of her friends (who apparently had the same idea that mine did!). We hit it off instantly!!! We already knew we had a lot in common, and we got along great through emails, texts, and phone converstations. The minute I saw her walk in the door I knew! 🙂

About a year after we first met, I had decided this was the woman I was to spend the rest of my life with!! I told a few friends I was going to propose to her, and started off on my quest to find the perfect ring! I always knew that no matter who asked who, we were both going to have an engagement ring! While neither of us are the girly girl types, we still both wanted a ring!!

After searching for some time for the perfect way and place to ask her, I gave up and looked for the dorkiest way possible to ask! Afterall, one of the things she always says she loves about me is my dorkiness!! So…I decided I was going to use glow in the dark letters to spell out the question! My plan was that I would use the letters to spell it out on our bedroom ceiling fan…that way, when we turned out the lights to go to bed she’d look up and see the message! Well, after getting the letters home, I realized they didn’t glow at all!!! Trust me, I tried for 2 days!!! Patti must’ve thought I was insane!! I locked myself in our closet (which is bad in our house – since we are all out of the closet! LOL!) and kept turning the light on and off to see if they would magically glow! But, no such luck. So, finally I decided I couldn’t wait till dark to do it, if I wanted it to work, I’d have to do it during the day.

So, I waited for Patti to get on the computer one afternoon, then snuck in our room and set up the letters on the fan. I then put both rings in my pocket, and waited for the right time. A few hours later (and Patti was still on the computer), I went and told her I was going to take a nap (which I never do!). She said fine and came in to join me. We laid down, and I told her I was cold so I was going to turn off the ceiling fan. Then she starts to argue with me!!! How its really hot, and how could I be cold, I’m never cold! I was so nervous I didn’t say anything! I just got up anyway and turned off the fan, while she was still going on about it being hot. All of a sudden she looked up and saw the letters!! A huge smile came across her face as she turned to look at me! I was holding the ring out for her. She hugged and kissed me, and of course said YES!!! 🙂

It wasn’t till the next day that she told me that I hadn’t actually asked her…the fan did!! I was so nervous that I didn’t say anything at all! Just held out the ring for her!

Love Inspiration

Each other

Fast Facts

First met: yahoo personals Jan '08
First date: 02/08/2008
Got engaged: 07/14/2009
Ceremony date: 10/09/2009
Ceremony location: Newton, MA
Favorite planning resource: the internet
Honeymoon destination: TBD

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Our Wedding
Our wedding colors: dark red & creme/off white
We will be wearing: Patti - gown / Cathy - suit
Who proposed to who: Cathy to Patti
Our last name will be: O'Connell
We are registered at: Target

Looking Back on the Big Day

First Dance song: Push - Sarah McLachlan
Vendors we recommend to other couples: Halls of Tara Florist

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