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Charleata & Rochelle

The first time I saw Rochelle (as an adult) I knew that there was going to be something permenant between us.

Rochelle walked into my home…into my life…just to pay a visit to my family. We had known one another when we were both children living in a small town. My family moved away and eventually, so did she and we lost touch. By some twist of fate, Rochelle was visiting the same small town that we grew up in and got in contact with one of my family members. She wanted to see if she could find us. Well, she did! I watched as she exchanged pleasentries with my family members and I couldn’t seem to leave her presence. I wanted to hear everything she had to say. I just wanted to be near her. I had never felt this kind of…ANYTHING with anyone before. When the visit was over and it was time for her to leave, I was able to muster up enough courage to ask for her email address. I don’t know why I was so nervous and excited to get it.

At the time, I was involved with someone and so was she. My life had taken so many turns and I thought I was FINALLY starting to get back on track again…starting to come back to life again. We began exchanging emails with one another and I was anxious every day to see what she had to say and agonized over what to say in return. Emails turned into phone conversations. Then she tells me that she is planning a trip into town for the Thanksgiving holiday. I COULDN’T WAIT!

She was picked up from the train station and made a beeline to my house. I heard the knock on the door and couldn’t move! Someone else had to let her in and all I could do was wait to see her walking around the corner and into my room. Rochelle came straight at me and wrapped her arms around me for one of the strongest hugs I had ever recieved. From that moment and during her entire visit, we were inseperable. The very last day of her visit, we had our first date. We went out to eat at the only place that was still open in my small town…IHOP.

It was that night that I knew she was the one. It was that night that all things became clear. I understood why I traveled such rough roads for the last few years. It was to prepare me for and lead me to her…this place, this time, this amazing woman.

We are approaching our one year anniversary and our journey together has been nothing short of miraculous! Every day that we have with one another is more wonderful than the day before. We are not perfect…not by far (LOL). We are different in many ways and we have our share of disagreements. Overall, we compliment one another to a degree that astounds us at times. The depth that we love is like no other and each moment that passes makes us both grateful and thankful for the blessings that we have been given. I am able to share a life with the only one made for me knowing that I am the only one made for her. What we share is…MORE THAN WORDS.

More Than Words...

Love Inspiration

We inspire one another

Fast Facts

First met: (as adults) At my parent's house
First date: out to eat at IHOP (in a small town...nothing else is open)
Got engaged: I don't think either of us knows the exact date
Ceremony location: hopefully Washington D.C.
Favorite planning resource: any one that will help the process along
Honeymoon destination: on a cruise to ANYWHERE (undecided)

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: More Than Words...
Our wedding colors: purple, black and silver
We will be wearing: me-something flowing but not formal/her-casual pants
Who proposed to who: Rochelle proposed to me but we knew we would marry
Our last name will be: Stokes

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