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Charlotte & Sharon

We met by pure chance on gaydargirls.co.uk…. who would have thought!

After a short while of innocent messaging back and forth, we met up….

I moved in 5 months later, and as time has passed our love has changed, and become so strong I couldn’t imagine being without Sharon.

We got engaged on News Years eve 2007, so its all new and exciting, and the wedding plans still don’t seem like a reality!!

What a brilliant start to 2008!!!

Fast Facts

First met: January 2005
First date: um... January 2005
Got engaged: 31 December 2007
Ceremony location: Lowestoft

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: unsure
We will be wearing: unsure
Who proposed to who: Charlotte to Sharon
Our last name will be: Bailey-Hughes

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