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Jillian & Michelle

Lets see we are the typical old married couple and we are not even married yet… We enjoy just laying in bed and watching movies and or cartoons haha ha… playing games, taking road trips, laughing… I thought my life was over and then I met Michelle for me it was love at first sight… I was in a bad relationship and she was involved with someone else too… We flirted and she came to a the drag shows that I was in… anyone that paid attention to my face knew when she was in the room I got the goofy smile on my face….I always looked forward to seeing her so after I got out of my bad relationship I called her and she came to the bar and that was it… My mom gave her my lesh from my costume and we have been together ever since…I could not imagine my life without her beautiful smile and her twinkeling eyes…I have never been soo comphy with anyone one in my life I can be or say anything and she wont judge me she loves me for the big romantical tard that I am…

when you find that special thing your flying with out wings

Love Inspiration

My inspiration is my soon to be wife

Fast Facts

First met: Burlington coat factory stockroom
First date: Elmira drag bar Angles and the scary hospital
Got engaged: officialy on Valentines day 08
Ceremony location: Vestal American Leagon
Favorite planning resource: labtop
Honeymoon destination: disnely land

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Wedding
Our wedding colors: azelua and clover
We will be wearing: Im in a white tux Michelle in a beautiful white dress
Who proposed to who: I asked her.. But she gave me a ring first
Our last name will be: Wagner

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