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Elizabeth & Chelsea

Liz was at Starbucks one night studying for a class for her promotion in the Air Force. Suddenly, a woman (Chelsea) walks in with a biker jacket on and for some reason cannot get the helmet off at the front counter. Liz started to laugh because it was so cute but when the woman took her helmet off she was speechless when Liz saw how beautiful she was. Then just as quickly as she appeared….she was gone.

A barista, Kellie, came over to where Liz was sitting at and asked what Liz called her over there for. Liz asked where the biker chic disappeared off to and was told that she was a barista too and went to the back. Kellie then said, “ooooh you like her, don’t you?!” Liz just turned red and said, “maybe”.

Chelsea came back out and after talking to Kellie for a few minutes walked outside and sat down. Kellie came back and told Liz to go outside and after some hesitation she did. So, Liz walked over to Chelsea and started talking about bikes. Then she told, “well it’s getting cold out here so we are going to go inside”. They went inside Starbucks and sat on the leather couch and started talking.

In fact the first conversation was about what they did career/school related. After Liz said she was in the Air Force, Chelsea said she was in nursing school. Liz asked why she did not just aim to be a doctor instead and Chelsea said, “all doctors do is look up stuff on WebMD to treat people”. Then Chelsea asked what Liz wanted to do in life and she said, “well I want to be one of those people that looks stuff up on WebMD”. It was a great night, for sure. That was the first night they met….

That was back in 2009…years later Chels is now a registered nurse and has a great job working for the state or North Carolina. Liz is still in the Air Force and is currently serving her second tour in Korea and will be back in the U.S. just in time for their wedding.

Love Never Fails...

Fast Facts

First met: Starbucks in October of 2009
First date: Logan's Roadhouse
Got engaged: June 2011
Ceremony date: 11/09/2012
Ceremony location: Washington DC
Honeymoon destination: Australia

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: Blue and Magenta
Who proposed to who: Liz asked Chels
Our last name will be: Young

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