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Christy & Roychelle

I call Roychelle, Dife as she calls me, Rose Marie. We meet over a year ago. I always flirted with her just to get her to laugh, but we both where involved with someone. We lost contact for a while and I never expected to hear from her again. When Dife sent me a text it sent it threw me because she wouldn’t tell me who she was. I should of known because she told me something I always told her ‘if I wanted to I can make you mine’. Dife told me I wasn’t her ideal woman and later I learned she was telling the truth. After she told me, we still talked till the wee hours of morning just texting and talking on the phone. She asked why I was entertaining her, I told her it may hurt me from how she felt but it’s in the past. During our first initial visit back into each others’ presence, we both wanted to see if we were into each other. It was awesome. We acted like little kids on a play ground. As time went on I was leaving work and I sent her a massive text telling her how I felt and in the text I told her if I could I would ask her to marry me. I’ve asked her about four to five times. And finally on Aug 23,2013 Dife said yes!!!

In time love grows.

Love Inspiration

Chelle made it easy when she opened her heart to my well now our daughter.

Fast Facts

First met: online
Got engaged: 8/23/2013
Ceremony date: 04/04/2014
Ceremony location: Washington DC
Honeymoon destination: Canada

In Case You Were Wondering

Who proposed to who: Rose Marie to Dife
Our last name will be: Amir

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