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Jacquelyn & Chrystal

Jacquelyns view of us: chrys and i met in the weirdest way possible. at a funeral of one of our great friends. hints the love inspiration. we have been perfect from the start from the talks to the small stupid fights we have every now and then. we have been with each other every single day since we met face to face nov 4th 2010. we live in the same house now and we fit together like two peas in a pod. ive been married once before and the feelings i had then are nothing like what i have with chrys. she is so amazing and so perfect even tho she seems to think shes not. chrys has helped me through so many things and she has no idea. and for her to want to marry me just confirmed for me that she is my soulmate and that my little sister was watching out for me and gave me the best thing she could after she passed away. i smile everyday now and i plan to always be that way even if i am having a bad day cuz i know i have chrys and her love is more powerful then anything on this earth. i love you chrys and i cant wait to be your wife!

xoxo, jacquelyn

Thats Gross!

Love Inspiration

Our Best friend/ lil sister/big sister Amanda Young

Fast Facts

First met: At Jacquelyn House
First date: To the Hookah Bar thats it
Got engaged: December 22 2010
Favorite planning resource: Me Myself and I

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: One Love One life
Our wedding colors: Navy blue and Purple
We will be wearing: A dress and Tux
Who proposed to who: Chrys Proposed to Jacquelyn
Our last name will be: Henricksen-Stephens

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