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Chasity & Shanise

WE met in 6th grade and remained friends for years.At the age of 18 I went through a very bad brake up, and shanise helped me through a very hard time she maid me stay with her the whole summer of 2006 so that I would not be pursued by my ex to come back. Shanise stayed up with me at night held my hand, cried with me, talked with me just helped me through the lonely and heart breaking nights. I knew then that I could never thank her enough for protecting me from bullies calling me fat, my mom giving me away to my father,and now a very bad relationship.I start to see her in a new light it first started with the thought “This is the type of women I am looking for”, and then “Wow I thinking I’m falling for my best friend,oh god I think I love my best friend” Long story made short we crossed ALOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT of hard trails , her family shutting her out, being put out, her father dying, moving into our own apt. with no money no help from her family which has a decent amount of money which was partly hers, I mean alot but after all of this we still love each other we still care and we WIll GET MARRIED.

From Best Friends To Lover's

Love Inspiration

The Love WE Feel For Each Other

Fast Facts

First met: In 6th Grade
Got engaged: September 10,2008
Ceremony location: Toronto Botanical Gardens
Favorite planning resource: Google
Honeymoon destination: London

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: Peach and light green
We will be wearing: A Gown and Linen shirt and pants
Who proposed to who: Shanise proposed to Chasity
Our last name will be: MARCUS
We are registered at: N/A N/A

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