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Connie & Dawn

Dawn and I met online in a Yahoo game room of all places in 2007. The more we talked and played games, the more we found that we had in common and a connection was beginning to form. Years went by going in and out of each others lives. In 2010 Dawn stepped back into my life. Something happened while we talked on the phone we knew a day could no longer go on with us being apart. The problem was I,lived in Ohio and Dawn lived in Virginia at the time. I drove to Bumpass, Virginia to pick her up. Yes that is a true place in Va.lol. We have been together ever since and will be forever. We are truly soul mates.

Hearts bloom in the garden of love.

Love Inspiration

Our undying love for one another.

Fast Facts

First met: 2007
First date: October 2011
Got engaged: August 14,2012
Ceremony location: Ohio
Favorite planning resource: Pintrest, Google,GayWeddings and EnGayged.
Honeymoon destination: the beach I hope

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Bohemian Romance
Our wedding colors: purple,green and orange
We will be wearing: 60'70's style dresses
Who proposed to who: Dawn propsed to me
Our last name will be: Breneman

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