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Kelly & Amber

My best friend set me up on a group blind date and Amber was included in that group. We were both so nervous about meeting each other that we didn’t even speak until we got to the movie theatre. As we are standing in line for popcorn, she leans over and goes “So do you like popcorn?” haha. The first words she ever said to me.

We kind of hit it off instantly. We talked and texted for the next week. And the next week we met up for the first time. I was so nervous and worried that she didn’t like me. We went over to a friends house and while her friend was out in the kitchen she leaned in and kissed me. It took my breath away, I knew from that moment on…

We spent almost everyday together. We moved in together due to circumstances, about 3 days after we officially started dating. We lived together for 3 months. And then I moved back into my Dad’s house and she moved back to her homestate of New Hampshire. We are still going strong, just trying to get our lives together. We are planning on getting married in 2011. And have already started planning. I don’t have a ring yet, but I drop hints all the time….

Forever is already here...

Love Inspiration

Each other

Fast Facts

First met: January 30, 2009
First date: January 30, 2009
Got engaged: Not just yet
Ceremony location: Vermont
Honeymoon destination: Bahamas

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: Royal Purple, Daisy Yellow, Black and White
We will be wearing: Kelly- a self designed dress. Amber-tux
Who proposed to who: Amber to Kelly
Our last name will be: Cramith

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