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Danielle & Megan

Me and Megan met 8 1/2 years ago and we were best friends for 2 years then high school separated us then she went into the military and I went the opposite direction. On feb 27 2014 we have been together for two years. We have been through a lot and we still make it through everything and come out stronger. We are expecting our first child in October. One thing we have realized is that us meeting years ago was probably the best thing ever because we would most likely wouldn’t have crossed paths as we did now.

The distance is what makes us stronger

Love Inspiration

Knowing each for 8 1/2 year and being best friends and falling in love had made our choice so much easier

Fast Facts

First met: September 27,2007
First date: November 14
Got engaged: April 13,2013

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: Black and red
We will be wearing: A wedding dress and tux
Who proposed to who: Megan proposed to Danielle
Our last name will be: Fritz

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