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Kris & Jacque

We first met in college through a mutual friend. That first day, there was an immediate interest and we both wanted to get to know one another. However, we both realized we did not want to intrude on our mutual friend’s “territory”. So, we played polite and respected space of our friend. We were just acquaintances.

It was several months later, when we had Art as Therapy class together, that we finally had a chance to get to know one another. There was an instant connection and our friendship grew quick and strong. Now, 3 years later, we are living together in KC with our little “family” (us and two kittens) and we are committed to growing up and spending our lives with one another! 🙂

Since I am finishing my masters degree we have decided to wait and save a bit before the actual ceremony. We have decided on a rough date which should give us time to really put some planning into it. Tentatively, our marriage is planned for Sept 2011, around our 5 1/2 anniversary.

I’ll post more information as we come up with it 🙂

Love Inspiration

Our relationship is our inspiration - this is the real love people look for, why shouldn't we celebrate?

Fast Facts

First met: Spring of 2004
First date: Feb. 2005
Got engaged: March 2009
Ceremony location: unsure
Honeymoon destination: playing with the idea of Alaskian cruise

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