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Dawn & Tori

We are an interacial couple whom both were looking for our soulmate an found each other at an unexpected place. We worked together for about a year and found love right before our eyes. Dawn is the backbone of our relationship she keeps me grounded and all together when sometimes I want to just fall apart she is always there to hold me whenever I need it and listen to me vent and she always say it’s gone work out baby this is what I love about her the most and too she got a cute ass. Tori is the core of my soul that keeps me going on a daily basis, she is the one person in my life that keeps my heart pounding and makes me feel loved unconditionally. She is truly the love of my life and nothing comes close to her inner beauty….

Always n Forever

Love Inspiration

Our search for our soulmate

Fast Facts

First met: JULY 2008
First date: APRIL 2009
Got engaged: JUNE 2009
Ceremony location: NEW YORK
Favorite planning resource: TORI-MY LOVE
Honeymoon destination: JAMAICA

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW
Our wedding colors: BLACK & WHITE
We will be wearing: BOTH WEARING GOWNS
Who proposed to who: DAWN ASK TORI
Our last name will be: ROBINSON

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