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Rose & April Dawn

So our story is quite unconventional and we like it that way. April and I met back in 2006 and became really good friends. Although we were more like pen pals we had a strong connection. She lived in Texas while I lived in Florida. We both had separate relationships even when we met in 2008. It was instant attraction but we both had to think with a cold head due to the circumstances. April and I were a bit confused after we met, feelings would overwhelm each other and I decided it was best to keep distance, we were already living far from each other but even getting in touch was a hard one for me. I’d always think back to us meeting in person and had things been different I’m sure we would’ve kept in touch. Eventually we went our separate ways. Then I moved to Peru in 2009 and I always wondered how April was doing so I gave it a shot and decided to write to her. I was quite surprised to know she had missed me. At this point I was in a different relationship and I guess that awkwardness and tension between April and I vanished. Our relationship became of constant communication and a stronger friendship, something I had missed myself. April was also in a relationship but we found ourselves becoming single again. About a year after my move to Peru, April had moved to Colorado where she is living right now. In some instances we found each other talking about the things we wanted for ourselves, talking more about the kind of relationship we both dreamed of and between her ideals and mine there wasn’t much of a difference except the distance between the two. So we became close, closer than we had ever been. Between the letters, phone calls and video chats we found a peculiar contentment that we both enjoyed. Naturally we labeled our relationship as a long distance committed relationship. Of course we talked about the distance and April has decided to move to Peru this year. April will be coming to visit to arrange a few things before the move. We both enjoy traveling so I’m sure there will be plenty of that. We plan to meet in Canada after her visit and get officially married. In the meantime there is plenty of planning to do, good thing is we don’t stress each other and we look forward to details and our amazing companionship. So it took that long for us to get to this point but we both wouldn’t really change much about it because thanks to the changes and struggles we found each other every time and we couldn’t be happier about it!

This isn't a tale of heroic feats. It's about two lives running parallel for a while, with common aspirations and similar dreams.

Love Inspiration

Each other

Fast Facts

First met: 2006
First date: 2008
Got engaged: 12/30/10
Ceremony location: Lima, Peru
Favorite planning resource: The internet
Honeymoon destination: Cabo Blanco, Peru

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: Nature's colors
Who proposed to who: April proposed to Rose
Our last name will be: The same as it is now

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