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Dawnyell & Shannon

Shannon and I met at Alisha and Julie’s birthday party at Jr’s. She was dating many girls and I was dreaded dating. We talked and decided on a first date. The Dresen doll concert is where it started and it streamed into the next morning. We talked till 6 in the morning on that day. We had an amazing summer that concluded with an Ani concert in Lyons. That night we surrendered to all the feelings we had for each other. The first of the year rolled around and I decided that I was tired of living out of a bag following Shannon to all her house sitting gigs. We started looking for apartments! End of February we moved into our first apartment as a domesticated couple! We quickly learned that Shannon was not allowed to do laundry and I was not allowed to touch anything electronic. In April of 2007, Shannon took me on a spur of the moment trip to San Francisco. She completely surprised me with breath taking proposal. A park on the top of Lombardi street is where it took place. First words from me were not I do, but SHUT UP! SERIOUSLY? That was that, we came home engaged. So finally 2008 rolled around and we decided that waiting for Shannon’s dad was nearly impossible, her dad’s forever going to be playing rambo! We set a date, 6-6-09 in the summer half way between both our birthdates. Shannon didn’t ever imagine what her wedding would be like, but for me I wanted to get married on a beach. While talking to our families, they convinced us that its way too important to not have family around, so we decided on a luau themed backyard wedding. We want our wedding to be relaxing and fun for everyone and super excited for our special date!

"I love her and that's the beginning of everything."

Love Inspiration

"In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities."

Fast Facts

First met: 4-12-06
First date: 4-29-06
Got engaged: 4-28-07
Ceremony location: Northglenn, CO
Favorite planning resource: Dawnyell googling at work
Honeymoon destination: some where with a beach

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: A wedding
Our wedding colors: multi colors/luau themed
We will be wearing: Luai attire!
Who proposed to who: Shannon proposed to Dawnyell in San Fran
Our last name will be: Lesbian if Shannon has her way

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