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Kathie & Deb

I met Deb online in a chat room on AOL about 5 years ago. I was with a boy at the time in a long term relationship and she was single and going to college. We would talk a lot late at night about dating and who she was seeing at the time. It was a typical online friendship, yet she had a crush on me. I found myself single two years later and living with a friend. I found Deb online and we started talking. She took a funny survey on MySpace and went over the top on how she felt about me. I read it and thought to myself, “Oh I think she likes me.” We were both openly bi-sexual at the time, but I hadn’t considered a girl only relationship. Deb lived in Chicago and I was in Fort Lauderdale. We talked on the phone for four months before I came to visit her. Our first date was just a mess. My plane was cancelled and I had to fly in the next day. Then she threw all her friends at me within 24 hours. I got my period while I was there. It was just a cluster of problems. It was intense. I think we both had these amazing hopes we were “perfect.” However, in reality no one is perfect. I can’t say we were disappointed, but we were disappointed. I left unsure of the entire thing. We continued to talk. We had this connection on the phone and on-line. I came for a second visit. This time we didn’t plan any friends or any real activities. Just us at her apartment. Our first official date was laundry. She called me the day of my flight and said I really need to do laundry tonight. I said OK I love doing laundry. Seriously, I do. We laughed and talked so much in that laundry mat. It was wonderful. That weekend was the weekend I knew we had something here. I came again in December for New Years. We partied it up with her best friends at all the gay clubs in Chicago. We had a blast that weekend. I had asked my job for a transfer. It was something we discussed in my interview so they knew it was something I wanted. They gave me the transfer for January 16, 2007. I left Fort Lauderdale that Tuesday and it was 80 degrees out. I landed in Midway airport and it was 12. Deb and I dated for 4 months in Chicago while I had a studio in the city. She lived in the burbs, so it was easier for her to come to me. One day she brought over clothes. The next day toiletries. When she brought over her desktop computer and printer, I knew she was staying. She slowly moved in with me. Two people living in 500 square feet really makes you close. We spent 4 months very intimate in our lives. I worked odd hours. In April 2007 we moved into a one bedroom apartment. We have lived here two years and our lease is up. We are moving March 21 to a larger 1 bedroom that allows pets. While our journey was fast as I see in most lesbian relationships. Sometimes you just find that one person that is your other half. You just know it’s right.

Fast Facts

First met: online
First date: was hell... our 2nd date was amazing
Got engaged: 3/14/09
Ceremony location: Key West, FL

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Commitment Ceremony
We will be wearing: no idea
Who proposed to who: Deb to Kat
Our last name will be: Monkman

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